I haven’t seen my husband for three years. We both went away to the other side many years ago and I traveled around with him. read more »

Gloria Leticia y Hija

My husband’s dream is to have a car... read more »

Senora Josefina

Ever since my son was little he would tell me that one day he would go to live in the United States. read more »

Juan and Antonia

No, we’ve never been to the United States, Several years ago it was easier to cross the border. You could go and visit family there. But now, it’s too dangerous... read more »

Lucy and Sons

My husband left in 2002. I didn’t want him to go but he said he had to. It was a very difficult decision. read more »

Maria's Family

I think my husband is in jail because I haven’t heard anything from him. He’s come and gone to the US a few times. Been in Kansas. He’s been gone two years now. read more »

Olga Lydia

My husband left three years ago. He hasn’t returned. I keep waiting. At first, he got papers to leave the country from his employer in Tabasco. read more »

Para Mamá

My son left in 2001. I haven’t seen him since then. Now he is 24 (2006). He wanted to leave. read more »

Patricia y Alejandra

Our dad isn’t here with us because he had to go to the United States to work, to give us a better lifestyle and a better future in regards to our studies and other things. read more »

Pedro y Rosaria

We agree that it is reasonable for you to want to protect your borders from immigrants. read more »

Doña Luz

(A prayer) Lord, I thank you for the children that you have given me and I pray that you bless them wherever they may be and I pray especially for all the Mexicans that find themselves on the other side (of the border) read more »